As you are all aware, many industries around the world are in turmoil, none more so than the tourism industry.

This is particularly true in countries such as South Africa, where tourism contributes a substantial amount towards our countries GDP.

In South Africa, local, regional and of course international tourism is still closed (120 days later). Further to this the government, in a bid to bolster our medical support, has banned the sale of alcohol. This means that millions of people in South Africa have not earned an income since lockdown.

Fortunately however, South Africa is still exporting its wonderful wines and so this is our call to all of  you around the world.  Whether you are sitting in South Africa, the United States, the UK, in fact anywhere, we would love you to visit a liquor store and find a bottle of South African wine, to enjoy with your next meal.
Let us celebrate the fantastic, the fun, the fabulous and the (wine) fairy in all of us by reserving your own private wine tasting experience.
In fact, in the list of the top 100 experiences to do before you die *, this booming to zooming wine tasting experience was voted number one! Results mirror data found on the entire interweb and ‘the google’ combined (* this list does not really exist, YET, but we fairly confident this would rank up there)!

Join Katie Barratt, our very own Wine Fairy, and with enough sprinkling of fairy dust and wine,
all corners of the globe may be booming and zooming the Wine Fairy way.

For more information please click through to the Virtual Winefairy Experience here  (All private tastings are donation based).