Beach Destinations

Picturesque palm fringed beaches and white-sailed dhows on sapphire waters, the epitome of the perfect beach destination. Enjoy interesting spice tours, taste local dishes, mix with the locals and walk the cobbled streets of the capital’s old quarter Stone Town, now a renowned World Heritage Site buzzing with colourful back-street local markets and flavours. And then of course there is the iconic pristine Zanzibar beaches: perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing, luxurious beach experience. Zanzibar and its surrounding islands are home to some of the finest beaches East Africa has to offer.

Mauritius is a tropical playground for all ages, surrounded by colourful coral reefs, white sand beaches and calming waters. World-class resorts are spread along the island’s coastline presenting endless swimming pools, unending water sports and shaded sun loungers a few steps from the sea perfect for enjoying a delicious cocktail at sunset.
These sunny shorelines have been a family favourite for holidays with endless entertainment for all ages. Splash about in the warm shallow ocean or get adventurous with some water sports – snorkelling, water skiing, parasailing or windsurfing.

Set against the calming blue of the Indian Ocean, the islands of the Seychelles Archipelago are hard to beat as a beach holiday destination, with unspoilt beauty, diving, fishing and water sports topping the list of popular activities. The Seychelles beaches are known for being among the best in the world. Envision the sunrise, waking up in your glorious suite, breakfast on a private deck overlooking the ocean, a stroll along the breath-taking beach and to end off your day, what better than sunset cocktails and dinner at the edge of the ocean.

Situated on the east coast of Africa, this tropical paradise is blessed with 2500km of spectacular coastline. With its idyllic beaches fringed with palm trees and lapped by crystal clear waters brimming with a dazzling array of marine life, this enchanting African nation is an ideal adventure holiday destination, with an abundance of activities on offer such as snorkelling, sunset cruises, horse-riding, dolphin tours and world renowned scuba diving. Mozambique’s two major centres, Maputo and Inhambane, offer an exotic kaleidoscope of art, music and delicious local food as well as a lively nightlife scene. Spend your days immersing yourself in the fascinating local culture, marvelling at the impressive colonial architecture and interacting with the fabulously friendly local inhabitants. Those seeking a more remote getaway can head for the isolated beaches of Benguerra Island; the historic Portuguese and Muslim architecture of Mozambique Island; or the outstanding wildlife of Gorongosa National Park. However, you choose to spend your time in this exceptionally scenic destination you are likely to leave with a heavy heart and a burning desire to return time and time again.

From rainforests filled with luscious greenery home to a number of leaping lemurs to white sandy beaches and vibrant reefs. Surrounded by 250 islands and approximately 5000km of coastline, the tropical island’s shores are hard to resist. Divers are definitely spoiled for choice – from underwater cathedrals to abandoned rusted shipwrecks, different species of rays, whale sharks, reef sharks and humpback whales. Snorkel among intriguing fish and graceful turtles.
Madagascar is not only about wildlife and beaches but also known to be the cultural melting pot of complex beliefs and rituals in admiration of ancestors, and full of ethnic spices and exotic cuisines.

Located on top of an immense underwater mountain range, the Maldives is a string of picturesque islands, surrounded by the ever-changing waters of the breath-taking Indian Ocean. The dense and vibrant coral reef truly lives up to the hype – the sheer beauty of the the sapphire waters, skyline of coconut palm trees as far as the eye can see, pearly white sand beaches and the beautiful locals all contribute to love of this renown tropical oasis.

Sao Tome & Principe
Do you love white pearly sands and clear blue waters surrounded by untouched greenery? São Tomé and Príncipe is not a popular touristic destination, which means the islands are pristine and charming deserted beaches can be found all along the coast.
Visiting Sao Tome and Príncipe is surely an adventure. An intimate island known as the magnificent lost world, offering breath-taking beaches, jungle exploration, snorkelling, fishing, birdwatching and so much more. You are guaranteed the time of your life.


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  • Enjoying ocean to table seafood right on the beach
  • Breakfast on a private deck overlooking the ocean
  • Beach Yoga
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  • Spa treatments with a beach view
  • Pristine Beaches
  • Picturesque islands
  • Sunset cruises
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