Photographic Safaris

A safari provides enough memories to likely last a lifetime. Mastering the skills of composing and capturing perfect pictures on our photographic safaris, gifts you with a visual reminder of your dream vacation to Africa.

Whether you have a simple point-and-shoot, a fancy DSLR or perhaps your camera phone – there is no excuse not to know how to use it to best capture those perfect moments. Throw in to the mix breath-taking sunsets, captivating wildlife encounters and beautiful landscapes and you will soon see why everyone would benefit from a photographic safari.

Our photo hosts and guides will be able to assist you in mastering everything from composition to exposure, ensuring that you are always placed in the right spot to get the shot.

A photographic safari can either be booked at the beginning of your trip – allowing you to perfect your photographic skills for the rest of your vacation – or as a full length safari experience.


Enjoy a safari through the eye of your own camera lens with our specialized photo tours and your very own photographic host and safari guide.
  • Perfect for both the amateur and professional photographer
  • Learn a new skill to last you a life time
  • See the beauty in every animal, tree, sunset, bird and landscape
  • Be surrounded by like-minded individuals
  • Wow your friends with your expert photographs


Experience the Photographic Safaris for yourself.